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Helheim Hassle feels like a descendant of Blizzard's 1992 puzzle classic, The Lost Vikings, but instead of having multiple vikings with unique skills

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Helheim Hassle feels like a descendant of Blizzard's 1992 puzzle classic, The Lost Vikings, but instead of having multiple vikings with unique skills to switch between vikings, only one viking can splits into multiple edible body parts to overcome each challenging environment.

With a neatly developed set of puzzle mechanics and a fun cast of characters that meet along the way, Helheim Hassle is a consistently enjoyable adventure that's only tripped up a bit by the limb-switching control system too. regularly.

Here's how it's set up: the viking pacifist named Bjørn Hammerparty dies in a completely random and comical situation at the outset, and is then stuck in purgatory in northern Europe, he soon learns that he We can separate our arms, legs, and head from our bodies to find our way. along the highway to Helheim.

Accompanying him on his journey of discovering loose limbs is Pesto - aka Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - who offers a mixture of helpful advice and tips. satire, where the unlikely pair will head into a spectacular duel with a modern-day gamer version of the Norse god Odin.
Helheim Hassle manages to pull his arms and legs away from the protagonist without ever pulling his tongue from his cheek.

“Successfully navigating each area of ​​Helheim Hassle's map is largely based on finding the right combination of Bjørn's detachable limbs, and each area has its own strengths and weaknesses. A detached foot, unencumbered by the rest of Bjørn's body weight, can hop on a switch on a ledge that's out of reach, but you won't be able to actually interact with the switch unless you also attach one of the Bjørn arms to the front legs.

Experimenting with different permutations and bouncing limbs around is the whole idea of ​​progressing through these beautiful hand-drawn environments, and even though it sounds creepy, Helheim Hassle manages to pull his hand. and feet away from the protagonist without ever pulling his tongue out of his cheeks.
Bjørn to run Helheim's Puzzles Hassle found some creative uses for Bjørn's severable body pieces.

One puzzle requires you to attach Bjørn's head to one of his hands so it can move along some scaffolding to follow the puzzle solution being placed by an elf below. At another point, Bjørn's advance is blocked by a dragon, and he must throw one of his arms into the dragon's mouth and then switch control to his devoured hand to defeat it. dragon from within.

For added variety, changes to the environment also have an impact on Bjørn's abilities - you can roll his head during the snowy phases to create large snowballs, for example. temporary foundation.Helheim Hassle does a good job of constantly refreshing things throughout its six-hour main mission.

It's a pity that it's not just Bjørn's body that tends to crumble. While you do have a few different ways to switch controls between Bjørn's segregated body parts - by scrolling through them using the spacer buttons, tapping them directly with your right thumb, or tapping into the respective directions on the D-pad - none of these methods are completely reliable.

Instead, you often get caught up in Bjørn's torso when you try to control one of his legs if your array of detached limbs is grouped too tightly together. The unwieldy controls are a fairly minor annoyance, but exacerbated by more pressuring scenarios like some of the chase and boss fights,

Despite these intricacies in Helheim, I enjoyed most of the journey and probably more, I reveled in my steps after the credits to follow along and complete the long list of side quests options, such as learning songs to record. archive or figure out how to get past the offender at the local comedy club.

Many of these are much more engaging than the required puzzles as they introduce significantly more confusing layers on top of the physics-based fundamentals, and completing them earns you soul coins Can be used to unlock naughty unique levels on other classic indie games like Minecraft and Limbo. Those are interesting implications.

But mostly, I was forced to explore the world of Helheim Hassle purely to interact with its quirky inhabitants. The goofy and fully self-aware dialogue unleashed by every shop owner and bartender seems to come out of the mind of adventure game icon Tim Schafer, and countless elves with marks. cockney voices appeared around the place as if they had somehow managed to escape Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I definitely find the road to Helheim mostly paved with funny stuff.

Review of Helheim Hassle

Helheim Hassle is a colorful puzzle platformer that constantly tickles your ribs as you bounce around the protagonist's limbs. Its main quest does a good job of introducing new ideas often enough to sustain interest, and its flexible cast of characters and long list of side quests make for an environment well worth exploring. break. While the silliness of the limb-switching control system often puts me off, I find Helheim Hassle a fun way to avoid amputation without causing long-term damage to your liver.

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