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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 ( 2002)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 ( 2002)

Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit 2 2002  as a  video game  Đua xe, part line  Need for Speed  ​​( NFS ), làm EA Games distribute Nam 2002, to be Development by some of public ti in That EA Black Box, it is the version  Need for Speed  ​​The first of the time Period 2 line trò chơi Need for Speed. On the 2003, the game is Trào extracted trò chơi Đua xe điều khiển Cửa Nam at giải thưởng Thành tựu tương tác. Like  Porsche Unleashed  first that,  Hot Pursuit 2  not be released on Nhật Bản.

It has phong how to the same as the version Need for Speed ​​III: Pursuitl Hot distribute the previous that, press powerful that Tron Scene ngồi or also on the Vải xe Scene ngồi for the Block Đua xe any valid solution. A pilot improved against the version of previously Time following Scene ngồi not only starts at a Đua xe làm you play controls but still start all the different Đua xe.

Như to bản original, you play also selected to play as a Employee Scene ngồi attempt to start kept xe Đua. Inside the Scene ngồi always have a priority Hòn inside the following chiếc xe Đua, xe Scene ngồi may have a Thê Húc word Phia following or Block word Phia first for disabled xe Đua. Someone play be turned on Đèn and Còi report dynamic during bám suffixes, and it will automatically off after start kept Toi range. Someone play may be required not help with the Tấm Rào Chan, strip Đinh hay called an chiếc direct accidental suffixes in and drop bom take into the xe Focus. Along the end, you play that will be Trào Thượng because the following chiếc xe just not start. Trọng version of PlayStation 2 this mode called be  Bạn là Cop  out during the version of reserved cho the computer, GameCube, Xbox be called be modes  Hãy là người Cop

Bội Scene in trò chơi may 4 as principal. One Hòn Islands Nhiệt For Hồ structure, giốngHawaii, may Scene quan Multiline Đặng Nhật, traverse an, City, Núi firewall, Thác nuoc, void level, Rừng và hai ngôi Lang. Cảnh Rừng ven level, same as Bo biểnWashington, Double when weather Sương mu, but it is not made shrink reach Nhin in conversation Đua. Bo level Địa Trung Hải and Alpine, Scene quan few max as more than. Following line Môn off that Đáng Note, it helps for the chiếc xe Đua Lan Tron Scene ngồi easily more than. Trò chơi do not have any Scene Đua cấm Move like the version ngầm.

Hot Pursuit 2 be version of the first in loạt  Need for Speed  ​​missing modes Nhin words in (xem trong xe hơi) xe. May only be observation from the outside and can not be found to be panel of xe. However, have a conversation Đua above the version reserved cho PlayStation 2 with one chiếc Ferrari, you play that can handle xe with the corner Nhin word Phia in.



Cấu Hình
* Bộ xử lý: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 hoặc tương đương / 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 
* Bộ nhớ: 512MB RAM / 1 GB RAM
* Đồ họa: 64 MB Video card với Pixel Shader 3.0
* Phiên bản DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
* Âm thanh: Tương thích DirectX
* Hard Drive: 200 MB miễn phí không gian

Download Link:

Tải Xuống
Tải Xuống


Hướng Dẫn :

1 ) Tải về > giải nén

2) Chạy " NFSHP2" để chơi

( nếu vào game báo lỗi chạy "RegSetup" rồi vào lại)

Bản Cài Đặt như CD

Mega: 313mb

 CD key : 8249-7ee3-84ew-txgt

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